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Irian Jaya carpet python feeding

All Irian Jaya carpet pythons eat rodents. When babies, they usually take pinkie mice (new born mice). They are known to have a taste for mice, so it is a good practice to try to switch them from mice to rats as soon as possible. Adults can easily eat medium to large rats. If left on mice diet, they will require at least 5 or so of them at a meal time.
Below is my female breeder Irian Jaya carpet python eating.
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure
Carpet pythons have an interesting way of eating their prey. Their jaws seem somewhat rubbery and when watching them eat they make an impression that they chew on thier food instead swallowing it like most other snakes.
Carpet pythons have a strong feeding response throughout their lives. It is important to be careful when opening the cage - the snake might mistake your hand for food and go for it. Their bites can be painful - Irian Jaya carpet pythons have quite long teeth.
They are nocturnal and will usually come out at night to hang out on the supplied branches - this is where they like to be fed.
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure
I always keep my distance when opening the cage. I let the snake know that I am there, and make sure that they can see that I have no food for them. I also make my moves slow and deliberate. One good technique to have the carpet python's, or any other snakes mind, of food it to mist it before handling it. They will shy away when sprayed with water and become less aggressive.
Below a close-up of an Irian Jaya carpet python eating:
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure

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