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Irian Jaya carpet python reproduction

Pythons, like all other snakes, are 'cold-blooded' - they can't produce their own heat (like mammals do). As you would imagine, the conditions for a successful incubation have to be very specific. The humidity and temperatures have to be on the required level. Pythons are quite sophisticated animals as it comes to keeping taps on this - they will coil around the eggs in such a way that the moisture will keep the eggs hydrated, and they will aslo use some very special techniques to keep the temperature at the required level. Some pythons will travel to warm spots, warm up and return to their nest to give the heat to the eggs, and some willshiver their muscles generating the required heat. This will leave the mother snakes quite exhaused after 3 or so months of fasting and taking care of the eggs. Although they don't follow up on the babies after tehy are born, mother pythons are very good mothers. Irian Jaya carpet pythons reach sexual maturity at 18 months to 3 years of age, at length of about 3 feet for males and 4.5 feet for females.
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure
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